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“We provide UIDAI Enrolment Agencies with innovative, simple solutions for the “Aadhaar” Enrolment process. We are committed to utmost quality while maintaining cost effective service and support delivery”

Authorized Re-seller in India for L-1 Biometric Devices.

Sreeven is Authorized Reseller in India for L-1 Biometric Devices. We offer tailored solutions to every enrolment agency. Based on our field experience we have launched “Aadhaar enrolment kit”, which is specially made for Aadhaar enrolment process. Just ask us and we shall offer you a solution to your most complex requirement.

Sreeven's Aadhaar Compliant Kit :

Sreeven's Aadhaar Kit

Sreeven's “Aadhaar” compliant Kit has 20 items including Fingerprint Slap scanner (4+4+2) and Dual Iris Camera biometric devices. The items in the kit are rugged and designed to work efficiently in both rural and urban areas.

  • Branded Laptop + Windows 7 OS+ Antivirus
  • Dual Iris Capture Device

  • Fingerprint Slap Scanner Device (4+4+2)

  • Camera – Facial Biometrics Device as per UIDAI Standards

  • Extra monitor for residents to verify their data (15" with a resolution above 1350x768)

  • A set of USB Memory Drives for data transfer (4 GB USB drive)

  • Laser Printer

  • UPS 1 KVA with 60 minutes backup (UPS is proposed to keep the printer and facial light alive during power break)

  • Backup power supply (ECO Friendly generator) of 2 KVA capacity per Enrolment station Or 3.5-5 KVA for Two or Three Stations

  • External Hard Drive - USB

  • Fully Protected top quality Optical Carry Case for biometric devices,camera, Software CD’s, Cables etc.,

  • Manuals (Installation & Operation), Software CDs, Screen Set, Uniform, Fire Extinguisher & Day-Light Kelvin Light for Biometric Photo Capture.

Fingerprint Slap Scanner

Slap Scanner  

Fingerprint capture made fast and easy for busy entry-exit stations or applicant processing where people need to get processed quickly with reliable results.The Agile TP™ is a lightweight, easy-to-use digital fingerprinting device that is ideal for civil programs at border control checkpoints, airports or other security terminals as well as background checks at job application centers.

With a self-directed user interface to assist subjects, a full set of flat fingerprints can be captured in less than 10 seconds. Compact and portable, the Agile TP is easy to install and start-up with a standard USB-2.0 interface

Digital Fingerprint Solution Highlights :

  • Reliable in High Volume Applications.
  • Fast and Easy Capture

  • Proven Technology for Quality Fingerprint Images.

Dual Iris Camera

Iris Camera  

Mobile-Eyes rugged dual iris capture device is quickly becoming the product of choice in many large and small scale iris enrolments and matching environments. It’s easy to use rugged design allows for installation in many different environments including civilian, law enforcement, military, health care and child identification programs. Multiple SDKs are available for image-only acquisition or integration with Rapid- Match™ 1:1 and 1:N single or dual-iris fusion matching algorithms.

Dual Iris enrolment Highlights :

  • Auto focus and auto capture
  • Operator, user or hands free capture

  • Auto adjusts to day/night, in/outdoor

  • Focus measure and iris analysis tools

  • Auto integration with Rapid-Match