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Citizen Services at Common Service Centers /
Meeseva Centers

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One stop shop for Citizen Services - Common Service Centers (Meeseva Centers)

Common Services Centers are envisioned as the front-end delivery points for Government, private and social sector services to rural citizens of India. The idea is to develop a platform that can enable Government, private and social sector organizations to integrate their social and commercial goals for the benefit of rural populations in the remotest corners of the country through a combination of IT as well as non-IT services.

The CSC Scheme is envisaged to be a bottom-up model for delivery of content, services, information and knowledge, that can allow like- minded public and private enterprises - through a collaborative framework - to integrate their goals of profit as well as social objectives, into a sustainable business model for achieving rapid socio-economic change in rural India.

As a Service Center Agency (SCA) for CSC, Sreeven will be the prime driver of the CSC system in its designated districts. Sreeven has enabled nearly 550 Citizen Service Centers in 3 districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. These centers are also called as Meeseva Centers Village Level Entreprenuers(VLEs) are provided with state of the art secured Citizen Services portal for service delivery. Plethora of services in G2C, B2C are provided for citizens who can avail the services in their nearest center.

The deliverables include

  • As an SCA, be a prime driver of CSC system
  • Identification of new locations to establish Common Service Centers
  • Receive enquiries and verify prospective VLEs
  • Support selected VLEs to establish Common Service Center
  • Enrol and Register VLEs in
  • Develop and Maintain CSC portal
  • Provide Technical and Operational support to VLEs
  • As an SCA, Coordinating with Electronic Services Delivery(ESD) unit of IT&C Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
  • Report to ESD and Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of India