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Aadhaar Based Smart PDS

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India's First ever Aadhaar based Smart PDS solution!

Being first enrolment agency to start enrolments in India and on performance in FP(Fair Price) Smart PDS Pilot project, Sreeven was also awarded with prestigious, first of its kind Aadhaar based Smart PDS.

Smart ration card with Aadhaar numbers are issued to beneficiaries of Kothapalem, Renigunta mandal in Chittoor district. Every Aadhaar based household card (smart ration card) bears Aadhaar number, demographic and biometric details of each family members with a thumbnail photograph of every person in the family.

Smart ration cards are activated to make transactions at FP shop with a hand-held PoS terminal. Live transactions with biometric validations through smartcard are initiated from the month of October, 2010

The deliverables include

  • Enrolment of existing card holders
  • Issuing a personalized Aadhaar based Smartcard – Smart Ration Card
  • Transactions with Biometric validation on a PoS(Point of Sale) terminal
  • Updating transactions in Servers through GPRS
  • MIS for the transactions in FP-Shop
    • Transactions and drill down reports
    • Monthly Stock reports
    • Consumption patterns and analysis reports
    • Dealer information for transparency